Accomplish At  JCPA

Accomplish At  JCPA



At JCPA we endeavor to create a culture rich with support,to harmoniously compliment the formal education system available to us today. The arts are fertile ground to build the skill set we so want for our children to acquire and that they so deeply need. As researcher, Angela Duckworth reports, “When kids are in class, they report feeling challenged – but especially unmotivated. Hanging out with friends, in contrast, is not very challenging but super fun. And what about extra-curricular activities? When kids are playing sports, or music, or rehearsing for the school play, they’re both challenged and having fun. There’s no other experience in the lives of young people that reliably provides this combination of challenges and intrinsic motivation.”

The JCPA Way

compiled by Rachel Factor

more excerpts from “Grit” by Angela Duckworth

The Principles at Play at JCPA

Leaders/Teachers/Authority Figures


Developmental Model of Leadership (vs. Attrition Model)

“When only the survivalists succeed, thats an attrition model. There’s another kind of leadership. I call it a developmental model. The standards are the same – high – but in one case, you use fear to get your subordinates to achieve those standards. And in the other case, you lead from the front. – Lieutenant General, Robert Caslen

Growth Mindset and Optimistic Self-talk

A fixed mindset about ability leads to pessimistic explainations of adversity, and that, in turn, leads to both giving up on challenges and avoiding them in the first place. In contrast, a growth mindset leads to optimistic ways of explaining adversity, and that, in turn, leads to perseverance and seeking out new challenges that will ultimately make you even stronger.

Corresposive Principle (Virtuous vs.Vicious Cycles)

…a key process in personality development involves situations and personality traits reciprocally “calling” each other. The correposive principle suggests that the very traits that steer us toward certain life situations are the very same traits that those situations encourage, reinforce, and amplify. In this relationship there is the possibility of virtuous and vicious cycles. -Brent Roberts

Learned Industriousness (vs. Learned Helplessness)

…the association between working hard and reward can be learned…(but) without directly experiencing the connection between effort and reward, animals, whether rats or people, defult to laziness. Calorie burning effort is, after all, something evolution has shaped us to avoid whenever possible. – Robert Eisenberg

Social Multiplier Effect

The virtuous cycle of skill improvement…the effects are multiplied socially, through culture, because each of us enriches the environment of all of us. – Jim Flynn

Creating a culture of social support where we can truly applaud and appreciate the acheivements of our classmates, co-workers, and peers is the JCPA Way.

In summary, at JCPA we create an environment where we “lead from the front,” which emphasizes a transformational style of teaching (by role-modeling) rather than a transactional style (through reward and punishment). While we teachers, as leaders, are far from perfect, we accept and work on our imperfections, as well as those of our students. We expect high standards, both from us and from them. We embrace and applaud mistakes and failures on our pathways of growth both in ourselves and in others. We teach them and they teach us. We respect and are respected. We love and are loved.

Featured Teacher…

rachel factor

JCPA, Founder and Director

Rachel was born in Honolulu, Hawaii to a lovely family, in an island paradise.

She attended a prestigious college prep-school, Punahou, where she received an exceptional education and a remarkable approach of valuing dreams, longings and strivings – a place where helping the world from your true place of purpose was held in higher esteem than choosing a profession based on money alone.

With that support, she broke even Punahou’s own mold when she chose the path of a dancer, the life of an artist over the traditional college route.

She found work almost immediately in her chosen field, first in Hollywood – television, music videos, films, then touring with pop-artists and Broadway shows. She then settled on New York as her home base and Broadway became her new home. She worked in the Broadway theater community for more than 10 years, was a Radio City Rockette and a commercial actress. She studied Shakespeare, began writing and directing and founded a women’s writing and performance group to give voice to the Asian American experience. Life was good, happy, creative, yet there was something still missing. Little did she know what was around the corner…

Discovering Judaism in 1998 and falling in love with a spirituality that resonated deeply with her soul, she practiced Conservative Judaism with her born-Jewish, producer/director husband. After experiencing a Yontif meal by a kiruv family in an orthodox neighborhood in Queens, she had finally found what she was missing. Understanding the principles that would now govern her life she entered into the covenant with HKB”H and became a frum Jew leaving behind her artist’s life for a spiritual journey. Or so she thought…

She moved with her small family – husband and one baby to the Holy Land, Yerushalayim, in 2003. At the request of the community, she began women’s performances and teaching which grew increasingly more popular. While families would send to Rachel for a professional level of dance, she immediately realized she had to choose, was she building dancers or was she building girls? From her new Jewish perspective, the answer was clear.

In 2013, Rachel settled with her growing family of now 5 beautiful children, in the Sanhedria/Ramat Eshkol neighborhood and established her program as it exists today. In 2015 it officially became an Amuta (Israeli non-profit) now servicing over 330 attendees/week. This year Rachel is in the process of launching her new REALITY program focusing on building these exact competencies described earlier, in students, teachers, individuals and even companies.

the r-e-a-l-i-t-y program

The REALITY program focuses on building 7 core strengths that build our true self, allow for growth in every area of our life and will foster connection with others, at home, in the workplace or school and will create the kind of leadership that will result in creating the life we dream of for ourselves and for our children.

Learning Torah concepts and social science through drama, dance and writing exercises, for personal growth. Each unit contains the following:

Overcoming fear and negative self talk.
Nurturing a Growth Mindset (Carol Dweck) 
Sheva yipol tzaddik v’kam (Mishlei 24:16).

First for ourselves and then spilling over into our acceptance of others.
Assuming Positive Intent (Brene Brown)
Dan L’kaf zechus.

Seeing and being seen. Each of us enriches the environment of all of us.
The Social Multiplier Effect (Jim Flynn)
Im ain ani, mi li (Pikei Avos 1:14).

The power of positive thoughts.
The Corresponsive Principle (Brent Roberts)
K’mayim hapanim l’panim, ken lev ha’adam l’adam (Mishlei 27:19).

Empowering others.
Choosing the World of Connection (R. Lawrance Kelemen)
Uch she ani l’atzmi, ma ani? (Pikei Avos 1:14).

Active listening.
Increase Deserving Power (Emily Fletcher)
Noseh b’ol im chavero (Pirkei Avot 6:6).

Bringing yourself to the picture.
A SoulMind set (Rachel Factor)
We are all created, B’tzelem Elokim (Bereshis 1:27).

Workshops offered throughout the year and summer. Online options available. If you are interested in knowing more, email

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Girls are now invited to join in-person classes!! Social distancing rules apply and RSVP’s are required until futher notice to insure limited class size. Priority will be given to those who do not participate via Zoom. Zoom access will continue at least until the year’s end.
Zoom library will be available throughout the summer.
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