Have you always wanted to learn dance from
a professional, frum dance teacher?
Here's your chance. Don't wait any longer!!

Let me share with you!!

Planning a special program for your seminary, a corporate team-building day, or a charity event?  Inspiring and perspective shifting speeches and workshops specially tailored for a broad range of audiences. Rachel Factor will transform your event into an unforgettable adventure of connection and discovery.

The Story

From Honolulu to Jerusalem, Rachel Factor is making a stunning impact on girls and women across the world as a performer, teacher and mentor. The former Broadway actress, singer and dancer’s ability to put women and girls in touch with their souls has ignited sparks of passion, purpose and meaning in thousands.

As Seen In

The Center

The Classes

Dance and theater can bring out our best. Under the artistic direction of Rachel Factor, students of all ages develop a healthy sense of self and confidence in their abilities as people and as performers.

The Chessed

Several times a year, Rachel Factor students pack up their music, costumes and choreography and head to Jerusalem’s senior living facilities to perform, sharing their light, their joy, and their youth. A highlight of the season for both the audience and the performers.

The Performance

Rachel Factor’s annual performances have been inspiring audiences for over a decade, combining entertainment with powerful Torah themes. Professional costumes, lighting, and venues give every woman and girl her chance to shine.

Not Even Normal

Rachel's story with song and dance, captured live with full cast on DVD, and original studio recorded soundtrack on audio CD.


Rachel's latest performance of original songs live in concert at at Jerusalem's Gerard Behar Center with full dance cast on DVD, and studio recording on audio CD.

Tov L'Hodos

Rachel's first Hebrew album, classic favorites and instrumental versions for the whole family, on audio CD.

The Blog

Newsletter – Sivan

At JCPA we endeavor to create a culture rich with support,to harmoniously compliment the formal education system available to us today. The arts are fertile ground to build the skill set we so want for our children to acquire and that they so deeply need. As researcher, Angela Duckworth reports, “When kids are in class, they report feeling challenged – but especially unmotivated.

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Newsletter – Iyar

What a month to reflect…I have been looking at my life and asking myself, is this how I want to e living? What do I want to change? Where am I not living my ideals? What am I missing? I keep coming back to the idea of “presence”. Being more present. With myself, with others, with the triumphs and joys with the aches and the pain. To listen. To hear the message.

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Newsletter – Nissan

Echoing the words of our wonderful Jpro intern, Gabby Foster, accomplished and educated dancer/artist/social activist in response to an assignment I gave her to create an online classroom where the assistant/peer mentors in the JCPA Leadership Program would tackle assignments to keep us positive, proactive and growth-oriented during this period of separation and isolation.

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