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Accomplish At  JCPA

Accomplish At  JCPA


developing good habits at jcpa…

excerpt from


by Charles Duhigg 

Why do Ultra-Orthodox Jewish girls need dance? As a matter of fact, why does any child need dance? Not everyone has a talent or aptitude for it.

But dance is more than just steps in the studio, they are steps for life.

…as their will power muscles strengthened, good habits seemed to spill over into other parts of their lives.

“When you force yourself to go to the gym or start your homework or eat a salad instead of a hamburger, part of what is happening is that you are changing the way you think,” said Todd Heatherton, a researcher at Dartmouth who has worked on willpower studies. “People get better at regulating their impulses. they learn how to distract themselves from temptations…”

“That’s why signing kids up for piano lessons or sports is so important. It has nothing to do with creating a good musician or a five-year-old soccer star” said Heatherton. “When you learn to force yourself to practice for an hour or run fifteen.  laps, you start building self-regulatory strength. A five-year-old who can follow the ball for ten minutes becomes a sixth grader who can start his homework on time.”

Featured Teacher…


Voice, Violin and Modern Dance

Nechama Leah earned her Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance at California State University, Sacramento (CSUS). She performed violin with the CSUS Symphony Orchestra and taught violin with the University’s String Project, where she learned pedagogy under Master Teacher Judy Bossuat. As a classically trained singer, Nechama Leah has performed in many operatic and musical theater roles, choral groups, and jobs as a soloist. Being multi-passionate, she also studied Ballet, Jazz, and Modern dance at the college level and was a principal dancer with Sacramento-based Red Bucket Dance Theatre company for two seasons. 

In 2017, Nechama Leah picked up her life and made aliyah to Israel, and she is grateful to now call Jerusalem her home. She is passionate about using music as a tool to develop confidence, critical and creative thinking, and to instill valuable life skills in her students. Her teaching style emphasizes learning proper technique, tone production, musicality and performance style while having fun.  She teaches private music lessons in both violin and voice, and a Modern Dance class at JCPA. Genres offered: Classical violin, Pop/Jazz voice, Opera/Classical, Musical Theater, Traditional/Religious music, and music-reading skills.


What's Happening at JCPA!!!

What Happened…
Moving to our own space!!!

From our beginnings in my living room, to the WIZO Center,  Rabbi Baum’s Shul and finally, the last 2 years in the gym of the local Bais Yaakov, it was finally time. We have our own home!! We are thankful to now have 2 studios, a music/massage room, office space, dressing room and outdoor space to learn and to grow!!

Pictures from the Succos reception and the first incarnation of the work-in-progress “Journeys Home, Inspiring stories of Teshuva” from our very own JCPA teachers!!

New partnerships!!

JCPA is proud to announce 2 new partnership opportunities with:

  • “Merchavim”, offering subsidized extra-curricular activities to those in their program and
  • “Lavy” bringing cultural enrichment to the tzaharons, government funded afternoon daycare programs.

Rachel’s Office Hours!! 

o need to play phone tag!! Rachel really wants to hear from you about any issues, problems or suggestions regarding you or your child’s growth and personal development. Appointments are at 15 minute intervals every Thursday between the hours of 6-7pm. Can be done in person or on the phone.

New Office Number!!

Please make a note of our new office line!! Call to get info about registration and payments, class cancellations due to weather, fasts, and holidays, schedule appointments with Rachel or private lessons.

What’s Coming…

Save the Date!!

Chanukah Party and Show!!

Sunday, December 29th, 2019

Location TBA 7:30pm-11pm

8:30pm performance – “Journeys Home, inspiring stories of Teshuva” in it’s second incarnation, expanded to feature the JCPA Dance Assistant/Mentors!! Free of Charge!!

A Big Thank You!!

We have so much gratitude to David and Judy Hager for dedicating a studio in our new home!! Thank you!!

Be Our Partner!!

We have a Fundraising goal of $30K to support scholarships and professional program development. We are looking for more partners in our dance!!

Please consider giving a pledge by contacting us at or visiting…

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