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Gabby Foster

Guest Artist

Gabby Foster was born in Boston, Massachusetts and is a recent graduate of Colby College, a small liberal arts school in Waterville, Maine. Gabby holds a bachelor’s degree in Theater and Dance and researches the ways in which her dance practice relates to Jewish expression. She spent her final year at Colby designing and conducting dance workshops for Jewish communities, choreographing a 45-minute dance piece about her Jewish experience, and writing a thesis about her research. She came to Jerusalem at the end of August to grow Jewishly and to further explore the connection between dance and Judaism. Gabby has been working with JCPA since her arrival both as an office manager and a guest artist, performing with the team of teachers here at JCPA. Gabby began dancing at age three and has trained in numerous dance forms from ballet to tap to African dance to modern. Her main focus now is contemporary dance, as she believes this technique best promotes building a connection with one’s own mind-body and using the body in ways that are healthy and supportive of its natural function. Contemporary dance allows for bodies of all physical capability to participate and to gain from technique. The form also encourages a deepening of one’s understanding of who they are, of how they engage with others, and of their role in this world. 

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We are excited to announce that Gabby will be offering a contemporary dance class for women!

A note from Gabby about her class: I believe that it is everyone’s right to dance. Regardless of age, body type, or experience, YOU are worthy of dancing. Come to my class to explore your relationship to yourself, to other individuals, to your own expression of Jewishness, and to Hashem. We will work with contemporary dance techniques to explore the wonders of our bodies and the breadth of possibility they hold. We will practice release technique (a technique that protects the body by finding ease in movement), floorwork, partnering, improvisation, and even some choreographic tools. In my class you will fit in your workout, you will find time for mindfulness, you will challenge yourself, you will deepen your relationship to yourself, others, and Hashem, and finally, you will find within you your own personal way of expressing your right to dance.

Call 02-549-0343/058-322-3744 to sign-up!! 

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