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We are currently looking to raise $30K (100Knis) in order to meet our goal for expansion, as we now have our own space enabling full time morning and after school programming in multiple studios.


Opened home-based dance program for local neighborhood girls in Ramat Eshkol, Jerusalem. Though small in size, the fledgling program gave birth to the idea to use the performing arts as a medium to build self confidence.


The growing dance school was registered as an amuta (an Israeli non-profit) which enabled the expanding program to be the recipient of a generous annual donation. We began to provide need-based scholarships to those who otherwise wouldn’t have access to this life changing program. 


The program has 225 students in weekly attendance of our diverse  performing arts program which now includes drama and gymnastics in addition to a variety of dance classes.  Current enrollment reflects over 300% growth in 6 short years. Active interest in the program has been expressed by numerous parents and girls alike and anticipated enrollment for the coming calendar year is 300+.


Relocation to our own dedicated facilities with multiple fully outfitted dance studios and common areas. Expansion allows for the opening of private music and voice training lessons, along with new dance disciplines and the further development of our innovative leadership/ mentorship program for older students.

A student’s words –

“Whenever I come to class, I know that there is the place I’ll find myself…how to be good in dance and also how to be good in life. How to be nice to people and how to react to all kinds of situations

Parents’ words-

“The gift that you have given to my precious daughter is life changing. In your care she feels loved, respected, talented, popular, beautiful and close to the Almighty.”

Your ability to synthesize the art, professionalism and breadth of the secular world with wholesome, Torah-true values and meaningful substance is unmatched.”

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Studio Dedications

$10k – Large Studio Donated!

$7.5k – Small Studio Donated!

$5k – Music and Wellness room

$5k – Lounge Areas

$2.5k – Dressing room


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Supporter’s Circle

$100 – $999

all donations are tax deductible in the USA

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