Rhythmic Gymnastics is a beautiful sport that combines work with apparatus – rope, hoop, ball, clubs, and ribbon – and ballet-like poise, as well as requiring advanced flexibility, muscle strength, and acrobatics. Avoiding the harsh effects and rigours in the training process of regular gymnastics, rhythmic offers a more feminine (indeed, an exclusively female sport worldwide) and artistic approach to athletic skills. Its balances, pirouettes, and rolls provide infinite combinations to try out and perfect. It’s practice model develops in the student perseverance, courage, openness to possibilities, and self-confidence.

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Rhythmic Gymnastics

Yael was born in Chisinau, Moldova. From the age of three, she trained to be a professional rhythmic gymnast. She was part of the Moldovan National rhythmic gymnastics team for five years. She competed across countries such as Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Greece, Hungary, and others. She moved to the United States in 2009, and was a gymnast on the Washington, D.C. team for four years. Her religious journey drove her to quit her sports career at the age of 15. She moved to Israel five years ago and went through the teacher’s college and seminary in Ofakim. She was introduced to JCPA last summer and has been an eager member of the wonderful set of teachers here this year.

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